Testimonial by Ron Ringsrud


September 25, 2006 

To Whom it may Concern,

Re: 18,696 carat Ruby Rough 

The rating of ‘extremely high’ heirloom value is awarded only to the most rare and fine specimens and gems. This particular piece, because of its size, is one of the largest rubies in the world, if not THE largest ruby in the world.  It offers a myriad of possibilities: if carved, the ruby crystal would be the largest carving in the world.  The presence of microscopic amounts of rutile would probably create a star pattern if the crystal were cut ‘en cabochon’. The resulting star ruby would be the largest cut and polished ruby in the world. If left untouched, it would be the commanding centerpiece of any world class gem or mineral collection. 

The stone is accompanied with G.I.A. certificate # 15171991 dated May 24, 2006; further attesting to its unique and genuine nature. 

The above, along with zones of semi-transparency, so enticing to a ruby cutter or carver, form a richness which is just what experts look for when appreciating a rare, fine and collectable mineral specimen. 


                                                                       (signed) Ron Ringsrud

About the Author

Mr. Ron Ringsrud is a gemologist, owner of an established emerald import business with offices in California, Florida, and Bogotá Columbia, and frequent contributor of articles to gemology trade publications. He recently prepared this testimonial letter about the ruby crystal.

Large Natural Ruby Crystal 18,696 Carats